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Can't generate SDK key

Problem with VxSDK Key Generator

I'm trying to start to use VideoXpert SDK. But I'm not able to get VxSDK key using VxSDK Key Generator. I've filled all the fields in the form, but when I click "Generate Key" button nothing happens. How can I get VxSDK key? Thank you for your help.


Hello there!

Sorry you're having trouble with this. I did try it here and had success ... if I tried without any of the fields filled out it provided an error message in a dialog box. That doesn't sound like what is happening here, so it might be something else. I checked it and asked one of our developers, he checked it as well and both of us had success getting Keys properly. We suspect something on the setup side on your PC when you run the generator.

I'd suggest fully uninstalling all versions of the Vx SDK and deleting any leftover files, then reinstalling a fully fresh version and try it out again, please.

Thanks for the anwer. Uninstalling actually helped. It seems, I had installed another version of VX and forgot about it. And now these two versions conflicted.

Great, and sure thing! I'm glad to hear that it is working now.

Where is this tool in the latest SDK.

Hello, thank you for your post. I'm very glad to see that you did some searching on the forums to find this older post.

Unfortunately, as of Vx SDK 3.X and any version newer than that, licensing works differently. The screenshot here shows VX SDK version 1.2 and it's from 2017; I can't remember precisely what version of VX SDK that this tool became obsolete, but it was prior to the 3.0 VX SDK release. I'm sorry to say that this will no longer be helpful and it hasn't been included in with the VX SDK in some time.