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Closing down NVR Connections


I've noticed that when connecting and disconnecting to Endura recorders, the session in some cases is not being closed down correctly on the recorder. Over time, the recorders become more unresponsive until they stop accepting connection requests.

We use the PelcoAPI.PelcoAPIViewerNet object to display the playback streams, and I've confirmed that we call the StopStream method and also dispose of the PelcoAPIViewerNet object and create a new one per session.

We're using SDK version 3.3.1, although i have seen the behaviour in 4.2.1 as well.

Is this something that has been reported before? Is there any assistance you can offer us?

Many thanks


Thank you for the comment. Which version of Endura are you using (most specifically the NSM version)?

Hi Will,

Sorry for the delay, I was waiting a response from the client.

They have on site SM 5200, model number SM5200-03-UK, software version

Thank you for the response.

I am more interested in the NSM hardware that you are using - i.e. the recording hardware in the Endura system.

There have been some back channel e-mails also. It appears that there are around 20 sessions opened. It would help to know if these sessions are for playback video, or for live video. Live video is usually retrieved directly from the camera in an Endura system. The recorded video must come from an NSM. If this NSM is extra busy because it is rebuilding its RAID array because of a disc failure, you may also have performance issues.

I think Pelco support should still be involved. I think this is a system load issue, not a Pelco SDK issue.

They are all NSM5200, version

The 20 is a ball park figure really from the tests we've been able to do remotely. Its not clear if some sessions close down OK or not. What is clear is that if you keep starting and stopping playback on different channels on the recorders we eventually get the problem. - Also worth noting that the issue will resolve itself over time, although its not clear how long this takes at this stage.

Sorry I cannot be more specific in the information I give you.


Thanks for the clarifications. This will be best worked through Pelco support. We have another e-mail stream going. I recommend that we keep pursuing that course through Pelco sales, which can engage Pelco support.

Hi Will,

I've not heard from Pelco Sales / Pelco Support, is this something I need to pass to them?


The posters to this forum are not part of Pelco support. You will need to reach out again to Pelco support, or to you Pelco sales representative.