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Collaborative Tab

Include Collaborative tab in SDK


Any plan to include Collaborative Tab feature to VxSDK?

I found it’s practical if external application need to update Collaborative Tab cell camera /change layout to Normal OpsCenter Mode.

Currently, VxSDK only restricted to update Shared Display cell/layout.

Collaborative Tab functionality that necessary is changing layout, update cell with specific camera/device video data source (live or playback) and monitor collaborative Tab event (cell, layout) on update by OpsCenter.

Hello there! Thank you for your question. Sorry for the delay in responding, we had no active support for the forums after the holiday until today.

I've brought your question to the attention to some of our developers, and I have some information that I can share. The use of the Collab tab features in Ops Center is not available currently - as you noted. Right now it is a bit subject to change, and because of that it isn't in a format that can be shared via the use of VX SDK currently. It may be something that we can do in the future, and your feedback helps to let us know that someone could possibly make use of it.

At the moment I will say that it isn't supported (again as you noticed), and it might be something that we can look into doing in the future down the road. It is something that will need to be more fully defined and finalized on the VideoXpert side internally.