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Compress Export File

Does the sdk has the ability to compress the exported folder/files?

Hello there, thank you for your post.

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, the SDK does not have the ability to compress any files. When an export is requested using the SDK to VideoXpert, VX creates the file and provides a link to download it. The SDK can then use the link to obtain the exported video file.

is there a way to download the file to different format? like mp4?

Hello there, thanks for the follow up.

Currently the SDK requests an export from VideoXpert; the same way that when using Ops Center and creating an export clip via the Investigation tab. The VideoXpert system creates the zip file for the export, which is then downloadable. The Export itself is an MKV video file within the created ZIP file. The SDK and VideoXpert do the same things. This is how the system was designed to create exports currently.

Is it possible to extract a footage with multiple time stamp? What we want to achieve is for example extract 10 clips and combine them into 1 export mkv file.

Hello there -

Yes, it is possible to make a request to VX for multiple clips into a single export request. This can be done using the Ops Center client, or using the VX SDK. I would suggest using the ExampleClient C# sample from our GitHub page. Navigate to the Manage > Exports option, and you can add several export clips using the sample (pay careful attention to the time stamps and the dates). I tested this out using a few 2 minute exports, and I was successful.

It's super critical to may close attention to the length of the clips you want to export -- when I tried to export clips to start I was having failures, but I had neglected to change the dates and so i was trying to download multiple clips that were several days in length ... which would fail. Please keep that in mind as you attempt to export each clip.

Please take a look at this screenshot: ExampleClient Sample - VxSdk.Net Test Client - Exports.PNG

After the creation of the export was completed and successful, I downloaded the zip and verified that I had 3 MKV files in the zip folder: multiple exports in a single zip file.PNG

Hi, thanks more the update. What I wanted to do is multiple clips from 1 source device to merge into 1 mkv video. For example timestamp 1, timestamp 2 and timestamp 3 will be merge into file.

Gotcha, I do understand your request. The functionality that I described is what is available today -- both if you were using VideoXpert itself, or using the VX SDK to programmatically connect to it and create exports.

For the kind of functionality that you are describing, you'll either need to combine the MKV files into a single video clip yourself, or you can request additional functionality from VideoXpert by reaching out to our Sales and Support teams so that they can speak with you about it.