Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Connection Delay

We used another implementation of libav ( We playing video in less than 300 ms.
With PELCO Viewer, it´s cost more than 1.5 seconds.

Do you know if the SOAP message is parser completely before play video?
Maybe you can do it in another worker thread.

[s]About PTZ[/s]:
- Do you know if we can send commands by http? We capture packets between PC and Dome Camera. They speak SOAP. The process of "set Zoom In" spends more than 215 ms, and 14 messages interexchange. (attached Wireshark capture).

We propose to use another protocol faster than SOAP. Or reduce the Bytes of the messages (now PC send 3729 bytes and only 53 bytes are effective


(1,4 % valid bytes compared to 98.6 % header bytes/whatever)