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Core Installation Error


I'm trying to install VideoXpert Core latest version. Somehow VideoXpert Core Service installed empty. So service wont start. (Please see the attachment)

And when I try to uninstall, uninstallation fails with this attached log file.

Then I deleted all files and folders named *pelco*. Then clear regedit entries manually. Still same error.

Now what should I do?

Hello there, thank you for your post. I'm sorry that you are having trouble with the installation, and I'm also very sorry if you were directed here for some reason for support on this.

Our forums here are not designed for product troubleshooting, but for helping developers with code and SDK questions about how to use the tools on this site, specifically (Forum Code of Conduct). As I mentioned in this other post earlier today: Core Installation Error... you will want to reach out to Pelco Support teams for further assistance on this. Please use the phone numbers and email addresses on this page for help on installation: