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Crash of Pelco SDK

I adapted the EventArbiterSample->ManagedEventManagerSample10 to receive events automatically instead of polling events.
When I run this sample with Pelco SDK DEBUG DLLs it seems to work just fine.
When I run this sample with Pelco SDK RELEASE DLLs it crashes after starting the event manager (Boolean ret = pEventManager.Start((int)( REGISTER_EVENTS.ALARM_ARRAY |...) with an access violation when the first event arrives.

Can anyone help? It is a very critical issue for us!

Fixed by checking all references to SDK DLLs. There seemed to be some mix up of debug and release DLLs.
The fix that worked for me:
1. Refer to relese DLL wihting the C# project.
2. Copy the whole SDK release folder locally to the application.
3. Run application.