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Degrading analog camera RTSP stream from DigitalSentry Server

Hello ... thank you for your post.

There was no body or text for your question listed. Please reply with your question specifically and what SDK you're attempting to use.

If your question is about the Digital Sentry product, you may need to reach out to Pelco Product Support. Our forums are only for development questions related to using our published SDK tools. We have stopped development and support for Pelco SDK, which was the only SDK that did have support with Digital Sentry.

Please reach out to Pelco Product Support, or you can describe your problem in further details here. I may need to direct you to Product Support regardless, so please keep that in mind.

Yes, I made the issue this morning and while typing out the comment realized I needed to gather some info about the system which in turn led me to notice that we had some components being version and some components Then I had to upgrade the older components to the latest version and see if I could reproduce the degrading RTSP stream for the analog cameras.

After setting that up I also realized we had only tested an IP camera with a VM system and not the actual DS SRV2 Series box. After upgrading everything to 7.19.x version I have to re-verify the issues I was encountering is why there was never a comment made :)

I'll have an update tomorrow but so far it looks like the Analog RTSP stream is either fine now or is degrading so slowly that it takes a lot longer to notice. It looks like there's now an issue with IP cameras RTSP streams not using the right FPS though so the issue has sort of switched since before the IP camera seemed to be fine but that was on a VM with 7.18.x.

It looks like all the issues (!) we were experiencing are no longer present when we went back to the 7.18.x version of Pelco Digital Sentry and API bundle. There may be some sort of issue with the 7.19.x version of the FrameServerService that was serving us the RTSP stream.

So I guess we are fine for now and will just use the 7.18 version.

Gotcha - thank you very much for the information and explanation. No problem at all and thank you very much for trying things out before posting further information.

I agree with your decision; if things appear to be working well with the 7.18 version then I would suggest using that version as you stated. Since these products aren't in development any longer, I think that is the best decision too.