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Discovery of non-Pelco cameras using API

Off brand cameras in System Manager

Hello, we have a customer using Endura that has recently added some non-Pelco cameras into their system. We are not seeing them during our device discovery, and of course they do not respond with a device.xml on the cameras themselves. Should we expect these to show up in the device registry? If so, is there any trick to getting them to appear?

Endura does not automatically discover 3rd party cameras, as far as I know. You need to use a UDI device for this functionality with Endura - it isn't like VideoXpert where drivers exist on Storage.

I could be wrong ... this isn't a question related to using SDK tools, so in your case I encourage you to instead reach out to Pelco Product Support for this issue instead. Email addresses and phone numbers can be found on this page at Support Contact List.

Working in Endura

Thanks for the response - the problem is not with the devices getting into Endura. The new cameras work within Endura workstations and appear on the SM, but unlike Pelco devices they do not have an option to pull a device.xml file from the camera, and they do not appear to show up in the list of devices from the SM. Is it not supported to be able to access non-Pelco camera via the API? I understand that Pelco has moved on from the API to VideoXpert, so I assume that would be the recommended path forward - just trying to understand if it is possible to work with non-pelco brand cameras under the Pelco API. For example, on this page:, there don't seem to be any off-brand product listed that support the device registry.

Ah, I see, thank you for the added clarification.

Pelco API is going to be something implemented on the camera side specifically. The only way that I could conceive of a non-Pelco camera being able to utilize Pelco API would be if it was attached to Endura using a UDI5000-CAM device, and even then the implementation would be very limited, if the functionality worked at all. I do strongly believe that obtaining a device.xml file from it would not work, though admittedly I'd prefer that it be checked to be certain. We do not have the quipment to test this (Endura VMS or UDI CAM device), so I make the statement that "it won't have 'device.xml' and might have very limited Pelco API functionality, if at all".

I do also admit some confusion between these statements: " the new cameras work within Endura workstations and appear on the SM" and the statement "they do not appear to show up on the list of devices from the SM". My guess is that perhaps they are showing up in Workstation software due to UPnP searches finding the non-Pelco cameras, but the non-Pelco cameras aren't registered with the Endura SM itself? My confusion on this setup is the main reason why I suggested reaching out to Pelco Product Support, in the respect that they should be more capable of addressing the setup questions of Endura that you are encountering.


Thank you, I will follow up with technical support. Just to clarify, the devices appear in the SM, Endura Utilities and on the workstations, but when we try to discover them using the API they don't show up in the XML.

Gotcha. Pelco Utilities would do an UPnP discovery to find devices, so them showing up there would be appropriate.

What confused me was where they appear "in the SM" - when logging in using Endura Workstation software? That might be using UPnP to discover them as well. Either way it sounds like they aren't actually registered with the Endura System Manager, otherwise a device collection using the API would return them as well.