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does VideoXpert(VX) SDK support edge system, access camera directly

Hello, thank you for your post.

I think that your question is pretty direct, though there was no body to it (or the body was removed). Sadly, the answer is "No"; the VX SDK is what is necessary to log in to a Pelco VideoXpert system and make use of the information on the system ... including the cameras.

If you want a direct connection to the cameras themselves, we suggest using ONVIF services for our cameras to do that.

thank you for quick response!
Onvif is only resposible for the control, no component for decoding the video steam to the window area.
In the range of Pelco * SDK, if there is component to do this work.

Correct. You will need to decode and render the video yourself.

Pelco SDK is no longer under active development, nor supported. The only reason we still have it on the website is for solutions that used it several years ago for their development efforts (mainly with Endura and DS). Any behaviors or issues that you encounter with Pelco SDK will have to be taken 'as-is', and no fixes will be coming.

I do not suggest this route. I would suggest using ONVIF for camera development, and working to decode and render the video from a camera using whatever you choose (VLC and GStreamer are both ones that I know of, but I've not actively done development myself with either).