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DS NVS Quick Setup Failure

Hello, we are setting up a DS NVS server, version 7.16, for testing purpose.
When we try to add some cameras and proceed with the quick setup wizard, we got that error (italian version):

Impossibile caricare i driver PTZ. Potrebbe essersi verificato un problema nell'avvio del servizio. Nuovo tentativo in corso...
ERRORE IRREVERSIBILE: System.InvalidOperationException: Impossibile caricare i driver PTZ.
in DSQuickSetup.Setup.LocalHardware.Save(DataManager instance, Action`1 messenger)
in DSQuickSetup.Setup.ApplyConfig.bwApplyConfig_DoWork(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)

There's no way to successfully complete the wizard.
Note that we are trying with fixed cameras, not PTZ.

What can we try?

Thank you.

Hello there!

Sadly this isn't the proper place for your question. These forums are intended for questions related to integration development questions, like using one of the SDKs or pieces of Sample code.

Setup questions related to Digital Sentry should be directed to our Product Support teams. I suggest you visit and the Contact Us page. Identify your region and the best route to contact support, either via telephone, email, or online form for support.