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Cannot play Live or Recorded Video using PelcoSDK-4.2.1-15974.vc12 , when connecting to dssrv -7.9.148

Kindly help here.
I get mostly timeout exceptions.
e.g : DS couldnt seek in 5 seconds ,Webservices timedout

Hello, thanks for your post.

That message that you see in the Output is (as indicated) a timeout related to obtaining video frames. This most frequently occurs due to network latency or issues in the pipeline. This timeout exception means that the SDK is not receiving video frames in a timely manner and therefore cannot display the video.

If you can, I would encourage you to use newer versions of Digital Sentry and the DS Pelco API. 7.9 is pretty old.

Dear Chris,
Thank you for the reply.
Yes it seems n/w latency issues , but i am using DS ControlPoint Software to view live and recorded streams and it works fine .

That is an excellent point to make - that DS Control Point is working. If it was not working to receive streams from the cameras then it would certainly and definitely be a network latency problem.

The DS Pelco API service running on the DS allows the Pelco SDK requests on the client end to be translated to the DS. In this case, the DS then relays the video it is receiving similar to a multi-channel encoder to the client end and the SDK. Rendering libraries to receive the frames and display them, and these libs are different than what Control Point is using.

What happens if you try to stream MJPEG format? Or Unicast vs Multicast behavior?

Another question would be about using Wireshark on the client end to look for video (UDP) traffic coming from the DS when trying to stream on the client end using the SDK. Are you able to verify if any UDP video traffic is arriving? If not, that's a big clue that video isn't getting there.

What happens if you try to obtain RTSP video on the client end using VLC? There are instructions on how to do that here: Digital Sentry RTSP URL Format.

Also, you can enable logging on the DS for the DS Pelco API and Frame Server services using some instructions from another forum post here:

To enable logging, navigate to "C:\Users\DSNVSUser\AppData\Local\Pelco\DSPelcoAPI" and edit PelcoAPISettings.xml to "1". You can do the same for Frame Server at "C:\Users\DSNVSUser\AppData\Local\Pelco\DSFrameServer" and edit FrameServerSettings.xml to "1". After editing these files you must restart the services and the generated .log files should appear in their respective directories.