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DSSRV live streaming issue

I'm trying to pull streams from the Pelco DSSRV using the rtsp format described at but i'm having trouble finding a reliable method to get the UUID of a camera.

Using the Pelco utilities I'm getting a (presumably bogus) uuid like uuid:Upnp-BasicDevice-1_0-00408CDB77DF. (see attached screen shot).


When I go to pull this stream through the RTSP proxy (rtsp://IpAddress:554/?deviceid=uuid:Upnp-BasicDevice-1_0-00408CDB77DF) I get a 404 not found. I'm assuming that's because the UUID is generated / displayed incorrectly.

Using the API:
I've had the service running previously with correct UUID's given from the document at http://DssrvIpAddress:60010/device.xml but it seems that this service isn't running any more. How would I go about enabling or troubleshooting that?

Is there a reliable way to get UUID's (or the other numeric ID) that I can use to pull from the RTSP server?