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DSSRV system

Good Day!

Currently, we are doing a PELCO CCTV System Project that needs to interface to client VMS-Vessel Monitoring System (safety System) via Modbus RTU RS422/485 using serial-TCP/IP converter to Network Switch then DSSRV.

1. Safety System (VMS – Vessel Monitoring System) received alarm signal from one location via Fire sensor.
2. VMS will send signal via serial Modbus, passes to our converter going to DSSRV.
3. DSSRV send a command to the Camera on the same location as the sensor and auto pop up in the DC Contolpoint software monitor or Send alarm in the Main page of DS controlpoint showing the Camera flashing or any form of signal that represents Camera on alarm.

How will AlarmArrayConfiguration will be help for this integration?

Please see attached diagram as reference.

Thank you and hope for your response.

System diagram

Hi, may be DS Ascii integration can manage that?