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Event Arbirter with C# - ManagedEventArbiter.dll


HI, I'm Luiz Palhares.
I'm developping a software to receive and show DAI events of camera PELCO.
I follow the steps of sample Event Arbiter after downloaded and installed Pelco SDK 4.2.1 Windows vc12.
The project miss ManagedEventArbiter.dll and I can't find it in folders. I searched in the path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Pelco\API" and I couldn't find it.

Please Advice.

Hello, thank you for your post!

The Event Arbiter SDK tools have not been in use for QUITE some time. It has been at least a little over 2 years. Since the release of Pelco SDK 4.0, Legacy SDK tools were no longer supported (Here are the release notes for Pelco SDK 4.0 that mentions this: In the time since the release of Pelco SDK 4.2.1, more than a year and a half ago, we no longer provide any development support or updates to Pelco SDK, and using it to develop any new solutions is strongly, STRONGLY discouraged.

If you are writing code to work with Pelco cameras, we recommend that you use ONVIF. If you must insist on using Pelco API methods, then we would strongly encourage you to write a solution using GENA event subscription protocols -- but we would not encourage this route.


I just read about ONVIF

ONVIF is interesting but the camera (Espirit HD es5230) it's not in the ONVIF support products (

Tomorrow I'll make some tests with GENA and ONVIF and I'll return to post results and doubts

Thanks a lot.

Good catch - that page has not been updated on PDN for quite some time. We have a number of products that have been released since that page was updated. I've asked the team to work on updating that page for future users of our website.

The camera is ONVIF compliant according to its Product Specification page. From, a quick search for "ES5230" brought up relevant articles and downloads. Here is the specification page: Esprit HD Series IP Positioning System Specification Sheet (English). Please review and have a look. On the first page there it does indicate that the camera is ONVIF Profile S compliant, so I am hopeful that your tests will yield results.

If you need, I might suggest using ONVIF Device Manager, which is available for free download on the internet. Using this tool you can make ONVIF calls to a camera and use Wireshark to capture network traffic and see what is going on with the SOAP requests.


HI, today I got acess to Camera ES5230 of my client.

I tried ONVIF device manager but the program can't find the camera so I tried using request by URL, I followed steps by step of Gena Documentation ( and one more time I failed.

By URL I tried http:///event/AlarmRelayConfiguration-1
and http:///event/VideoAnalytics-2
the URL no response

So I searched for "Receive events of sarix pelco" and
It's the same information of Gena documentation.

Can you help? I need more advices to my solution.

This image (eventos.png) is a configuration of mask to generate events, and this events that I need to capture and log in my system. StoppedVehicle, speed reduce and others.


Thanks again!

Using ONVIF API is a different (completely) solution from using Pelco API. If you are trying to use services like AlarmArrayConfiguration, RelayArrayConfiguration, or VideoAnalytics services on the camera, then you are using Pelco API and must use GENA and not use any ONVIF tools.

We recommend ONVIF because it is an open standard and functional across many different manufacturer's products (not just Pelco). Support for using ONVIF is outside the scope of our forums and website.

If you choose to use GENA and subscribe to Pelco API services, then you'll need to write your own code to SUBSCRIBE to the services and receive responses back that way. I was a little unclear from your post if you were trying to use URLs like "http:///event/VideoAnalytics-2" within ONVIF Device manager. That certainly will not work since ONVIF is a solution API altogether.

We do have many partners who have used their own imlementations of GENA in years past to subscribe to Pelco API services to receive events. That kind of solution will work. The reason we recommend ONVIF is to future-proof your solution for a wider array of products, both for Pelco going forward and for otehr manufacturers.

The screenshot that you included (thank you for that!) shows the Analytics behaviors of a Pelco camera. If you configure those and want to or expect users to configure them via the camera's Web GUI, then you'll need to write an implementation of GENA protocol to subscribe, renew, and unsubscribe to the Pelco API service (VideoAnalytics).

I hope that this information is helpful. The links that you found will help you as well to get you on the right track. Keep in mind that both ONVIF and GENA are open standards (and GENA is pretty old).