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Events creation

Is it possible to create manually events inside the VideoXpert? On the documentation I find only the way to find, filter and configure existing events.
So, I assume it is not possible. Could someone confirm that to me?

Hello there, thank you for your post!

Yes - it is possible to add events to VideoXpert! In fact, that is a major improvement with VX compared to older Pelco VMS platforms (where you couldn't really add events).

Using the VideoXpert SDK, what you'd do is first add a Situation to the system. A Situation is a template for a triggered event. Then you simply manually trigger that situation to create an event in VideoXpert. There is information about this in the VideoXpert Use Cases page on GitHub that might be helpful to you. Please check the following links:

VideoXpert SDK Documentation
VxSDK Samples and Use Cases (GitHub)

Take a look at the Use case topics related to Situations and Events. There is a topic for Adding a Situation (event type) to VideoXpert, and one for Injecting Events to VideoXpert.