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Events: motion detection, vídeo video analytics


I need integrate with HTTP API commands Pelco cameras, but I don't know how events commands works

For example I get in device:


But I dont know how I subscribe in event.
I will need integrate the motion detection and all analytics available in an camera

Thank you.

Hello there, thank you for your post.

Event subscription can be done in two different ways. We would strongly encourage you to make use of ONVIF protocols for development and integration work with Pelco cameras, if you can. This open source protocol has other sources of information available to help developers and will also work with more than just Pelco cameras.

If you really cannot use ONVIF, you could use GENA protocol and subscribe to Pelco API eventSubURL strings. There is some information about doing this on PDN here: GENA. This involves using requests to SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE, and a method to handle a NOTIFY incoming response from the camera. To renew the subscription, most often I've seen partners use SUBSCRIBE with an existing subscription ID instead of using RENEW (the article is old -- most use ONVIF now).

There is also some additional information and conversation on this forum topic here: This other partner had questions about old tools that are no longer advised or supported.

I hope that this information is helpful to you.