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I have to problem when export video in pelco security system

An unhandled exception of type 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred in Pelco.SDK.dll
Additional information: Intento de leer o escribir en la memoria protegida. A menudo, esto indica que hay otra memoria dañada.
Procesador: AMD E1-6010 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics
Memoria: 4.00 GB
SO: Windows 10 64 bits

Sorry to hear that you are having problems exporting. Can you please provide some additional details:

  1. What VMS system are you using (VideoXpert or other)?
  2. What Version of software is it using?
  3. What version of Pelco SDK are you using?
  4. Does this exception while exporting occur each and every time you attempt to export, or only under certain circumstances?

Please let me know the answers to these questions so we can troubleshoot further.

Hi PelcoChris !!!
Version SDK: Pelco SDK 4.2.1
VMS is Endura
When I try to export videos that last too long to play is, it's when the error occurs.
For videos that only take a couple of minutes I have no problems.

Hello there!

I'm sorry again to hear that you are having problems with exports. The Pelco SDK is no longer under active development; it exists here on PDN still for existing solutions (like yours may be with Endura), but we are no longer are providing any updates or development time to Pelco SDK. I'll help however I can. If this behavior is not something that can be corrected in the environment, it may be something that needs to be worked around or lived with.

What version of Endura is running? If it isn't running the most updated versions, I would suggest updating those.

Sadly, I do not have an Endura VMS system available any longer to attempt testing on this behavior. In reviewing some of our old test programs, they did test for exports of 1 hour as part of the use cases. I do not see any cases for attempting to export longer videos.

How long is "too long"? If a few minutes works for exporting, perhaps you can narrow down some time between a few minutes and too long to establish a limit.

It also may be limited by the memory on the PC. In the Pelco SDK Programming Guide, near the very end is a section on Video Streaming and Exporting Performance. The values there were captured using a PC that was using 8GB of RAM. I could not say with certainty that problems would go away with more memory; it could help.