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Exporting events

Exporting events.

This weekend i updated the VXpro server to the latest version 2.5.x.x because of camera license problems in version 2.1, I downloaded latest VX SDK, recompiled my viewer apps. Everything is ok. But now I got an issue with getting the events into my app. When the waves go high I got 2 or 3 events in the same secound with an difference of 0.1-0.3 secound. Not as before upgrade, one event a pause before next event... The events is set as camera events, not the new version 2.5 feature with On server.

My cameras is NET5401T, Spectra IV (TXB-N encoder), and p1220.

Greetings from Denmark.

Hello there, thank you for your post!

I apologize, but you did kind of lose me a little bit with the text of your post... so I'm going to restate what I think you said was happening to see if I got it correct:

You updated your 2.1 VX Pro to 2.5 VX Pro this weekend, and you updated to the latest release of VX SDK (2.1.92 I believe is our last release version available on the site here currently).

Everything appears to be OK... except for Events. You are obtaining events -- my guess is via subscription to VideoXpert.

However, events are triggering rapidly (I didn't quite understand "when the waves go high" -- sorry!) in quick succession, where you are saying before that they would have brief pauses before each one. This doesn't sound like a problem exactly, but a difference in the observed behavior that happens now -- right?

Finally, when you stated that events are set as camera events... I don't understand that last part "not the new version 2.5 feature with On server."

Please help to further clarify so that I can better understand what the actual problem is that you're encountering.

Sorry for unclear description. "When waves go high" = a day when I get something I dont want, I get too much. This vaersion 2.5.x.x version of VXpro, Pelco introduced Analytics-Motion detection with 3 options "On Camera" and "On Server" or "Off". I really like this for P1220 cameras. But got other troubles right now with the new version, so I only enable new features when everything is ok, I will start another thread in the forum...

Behavior before upgrade: motion detected = one timestamp, and then a pause of about 20 seconds before it could be triggered again. Now when import from VX server sometimes I sometimes can get up til 3 events like this


2 or 3 timestamp for the same event..

Not everytime, and not from all 66 cameras. I havent got time to check if it is only Spectra IV or all three camertypes who is having this new behavior.

Driver on VX server for camera is Pelco v. 1. Hope this covers the case.

Good day to You.

Thank you for the added description, I think I sort of understood what the problem was, but I wanted to be certain.

It sounds to me like the dwell time for an alarm is different between the versions; with 2.1 you'd get a single event for motion (as an example), but now with 2.5 you're receiving many / multiple event messages in VideoXpert for the same instance of an event.

If my understanding of the problem is correct, you will want to reach out to and contact Pelco Product Support. They will want to know about this behavior and possibly help you out to identify the root cause. If nothing else has changed - camera settings, network, setup, etc - then it is something to reach out to our support teams for. Perhaps adjusting the sensitivity of the camera's motion settings would also help, too. I suspect that, based on your descriptions of the new options for On Camera / On Server / Off, some behavior changed that's causing what you're seeting.

The best route to go for additional assistance on this is to reach out to Pelco Product Support: