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FFMPEG With Vx Export Video Files - Problem


We using ffmpeg for video analytics before be face recognition on video. But ffmpeg commands could not work with vx export mkv video files.

The example command output on screenshot: (Trying 'ffmpeg -i test.mkv' command)

image url

Thank you for your comment. I am unclear about what you are trying to accomplish. The errors you see are caused by our proprietary information, but should not cause harm to the video.

We test the export files using our video player, and VLC.

We getting video file info with ffmpeg on Java. (Creation time, duration, codec type etc.)
But I could not get export videos infos. (I can play them with Vlc and seen video)

I do not know what you mean by 'export videos infos'. MKV files are written from network streams, so they do not give you bitrate, and end times. You can try to convert them using ffmpeg to mp4 files. mp4 files do contain more information about the video in its container.