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Fixed CCTV Live stream failed

I am using the Pelco SDK (PelcoSDK-Redistributable-4.2.0-15816.vc10) for integration of SCADA to display live streaming. PTZ cameras live streaming working fine, but I am not able to play FIXED cameras.
Event I try to play live streaming with sample application, but not working.

Thanks for your post, and I'm sorry to hear you are having some problems.

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I can't immediately think of any reason why streaming would succeed with a PTZ camera and fail for a Fixed one if done properly. You said that the sample application is not working either -- I want to concentrate on that specifically since I'm familiar with that code. I have several questions to better help me to understand what you are seeing:

Which sample specifically are you trying this with?
Does Live work with any camera when using the sample (this wasn't 100% clear from the post)?
Are all of the cameras showing in the list of devices when you use the Sample?

If you install the Pelco SDK (which includes the Samples) you should also have the SDK Logging Executable - there is SDK Logging available. With the Pelco SDK is an executable in the Logging folder called Pelco Logging Setup.exe. If you run that, check all of the boxes and specify the folder to place the logs (by default it's the same folder as the logging exe, which is usually fine). Of note is the MPF.log file that is created - that is helpful for troubleshooting streaming issues.

Please add some additional details and we can proceed from there. Wireshark can be helpful as well if you monitor the HTTP traffic between the client and the camera to see if requests / responses are failing.

Attached pix of error in sample code.

attached pix show error come in sample code while play Fixed CCTV live streaming.

Thank you for the screenshots, they are informative.

In the case of the live video request, the error message that is seen indicates either a communication error with the camera, or a problem with authentication. This means that either (A) the SDK cannot send and receive SOAP requests and responses to and from the camera, or (B) the authentication to the camera is set to "Closed Authentication" via the camera's web GUI and authenticated calls must be made (or you are doing this and the credentials are incorrect). You can verify this interaction of requests and responses using Wireshark to monitor the SOAP request from the client end using the SDK, and check what the response is from the camera. Check if you are getting responses from the camera, and what those responses indicate.

For the 2nd screenshot, it is apparent that playback video is being requested since there is a request for Seek. In this case, the SDK receives a response that indicates that either (A) it cannot connect with the recorder / NVR or (B) there is no video on the recorder for the time that is specified. Again, in this case as in the last, you can use Wireshark to monitor the traffic from the client PC running the SDK to the recorder in order to read the request and most importantly the response from the recorder so you can find out what the problem is. It may be that the requests aren't getting to the recorder, indicating a connection or network problem. Or it may be that you are receiving a response from the recorder but no recording is available at that time. The responses (or lack of response) from the NVR/recorder will indicate that.

If you still need further help, please further help me to help you by answering my remaining questions from my original reply to your post. It appears that the sample you are attempting to use is the ViewVideo sample from Pelco SDK. My other questions still remain.

Additionally, using the Pelco SDK Logging executable can also help in this case as well. Please refer to my original post about that as well. Thanks!