Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Forum Guidelines

We want to help everyone possible. Following some of these helpful tips can improve the chances of receiving a reply that is both helpful and informative.

In order to improve and have the best chance of helping you out with your question, here is some friendly advice when using our forums:

1. Search and Research. Read available documentation. Keep track of what you find. If you find information that was helpful, but did not fully resolve the issue, indicate what it was and what you did. This can help to establish your line of reasoning and what you've already tried.

2. Write a topic for your post that specifically summarizes and describes the problem. Please post it to the appropriate forum (as close as you can), or it might be moved.

3. Write a post with information that is specific only to the problem you are having. Include debug information, output, error messages, and log messages that relate to the specific problem or question.

4. General or nebulous problems (i.e. "This doesn't work." or "I'm having problems."), without further clarifications, will inevitably be answered with a request to be more specific.

5. When possible, please utilize sample code to duplicate any problem or to demonstrate how to use specific features. At the same time, do not copy and paste sample code directly into production application code without thoroughly testing its functionality.

6. Do not include full sections of source code. Small snippets of 4-5 lines is fine. If your problem cannot be narrowed down to that amount of code, please do additional research until it can be traced better. Large sections of source code will inevitably be answered with a request to be more specific about the problem.

7. Make use of existing tools such as Wireshark (or other network trace tools), VideoXpert logs at "C:\ProgramData\Pelco\VxSdk\Logs", Pelco SDK Logging exe (if using Pelco SDK), device XML, DS Logging, or any other logging that might be available. These tools can assist in tracking down where a problem or break down is occurring. Please refer to this post on how to Post attachments and include them when posting.

8. Indicate what tools are in use specifically (Vx SDK, Panomersive Toolkit, etc) and the version that is being used. Please specify which specific tool in the SDK is in use as well. This is critical information and can result in delays in providing helpful feedback.

9. Finally, proof read your post before you submit it.

Thank you very much!