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Get camera PTZ lock status in Endura

Possible to get PTZ lock status in Endura using Pelco SDK?

I'm searching for class to get PTZ lock status in Endura using Pelco SDK, is this possible?
If not, what are the alternative solution?

If using lower priority user login to Endura System via Pelco SDK , will it stop from sending any preset if PTZ camera locked by higher priority user?

Hello there!

I can honestly say that I have not been asked this question before (that I can remember, at least). So I had to do a bit of digging today to find out what I could for you. Here's what I've found:

The Pelco SDK does not have a way to get the lock status of a camera. I looked at these 4 Web Services (Pelco API) that could potentially have this information, but there was not a single mention of the word 'lock' in any of them: CameraConfiguration, LensControl, PositioningControl, ScriptControl.

My belief is that PTZ locking is something managed on the head end - the Endura System Manager - and therefore not something exposed via Pelco API ... and therefore not manageable using Pelco SDK (since the SDK is a wrapper for Pelco API). Sending PTZ requests using the API / SDK may possibly circumvent the entire priority system altogether. It hasn't been a question that we've been asked from a development standpoint for our partners before.

I did find an article on the Knowledge Base about this behavior that might be helpful to you: What happens if multiple users try to control PTZ at once in Endura?.

Based on what I can find, this must be managed by assigning the proper user priority, and not something that is managed by Pelco SDK. It might be something that using the Pelco API / SDK does not take into consideration at all, since sending a PTZ request via SDK / API circumvents the Endura SM.

I hope that helps!

Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for everything.

I will try using lower user priority login via Pelco SDK and see whether it work as expected.

Sure thing! That sounds like a good plan.

No priority when using SDK to control PTZ camera

Hi Chris,

Tested with Pelco SDK 4.2.1 and can control PTZ camera even logon with lower priority user.
I assumed SDK never check priority in SM before send control to PTZ camera.

That does sound like it would be the case. I suspected as much.