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H264 and MPEG streams

Hi Pelco. We are usinge VideoXpert version as server. I have a lot of Spectra IV cameras with TXB-N encoders inside. These cameras are turned on when our patients sleep. Sometimes the cameras loses some of it's configuration and it goes to default on some point. One of the default settings is streamtype MPEG.
The recorder records the stream. Here is the question. I can't get my app based on the SDK to show the stream when MPEG i selected.
If I open VxOpsCenter I can se little thumbs from the recorded stream when accessing the time line, but here is altso no full screen picture playback.
Is this an error, or is the system only supporting H264 streams from that type of Cameras.
We have some Cameras on NET5301T encoder boxes, I doubt that these boxes is sending H264 streams. The rocorded streams from this cameras has no playback problems.

Any ideas.

Hello there, thank you for your post. I have some confusion on a few points in your post, so please forgive me as I ask some questions to help me better understand.

Sometimes the cameras loses some of it's configuration and it goes to default on some point.

That is something that i would suggest you reach out to Pelco Product Support about (please check the Forum Guidelines and Forum Code of Conduct). It could be impacting some of the issues that you are seeing; cameras shouldn't and don't normally change things on their own.

I'm sorry to hear that your app isn't receiving MJPEG streams. This is using the VX SDK -- correct? Please confirm that for me, and let me know what version of VX SDK you're using.

Does streaming work properly when attempting to obtain RTSP streams?

Does streaming work on VideoXpert Admin Portal, from these cameras?

Does streaming work in VideoXpert Ops Center, from these cameras?

This final question is a major point, because if Ops Center cannot obtain and stream an MJPEG live camera stream from a camera, then you won't be able to via other means (like using URLs from the VX SDK).

If you can see the thumbnail images on the timeline, then fetching a still JPEG sounds like that works. Streaming the MJPEG from those cameras sounds like the problem -- do you have other cameras that work for MJPEG? Are there any cameras that stream RTSP (not MJPEG)?

I would strongly suggest that you reach out to Pelco Product Support, since this issue is effecting a site and it sounds like it may be a problem with the VideoXpert and camera setup and configuration.