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How to choose the right system for SDK

We are starting an integration with Scada system and Digital Sentry system with more than 100 cameras.
Customer wants just live video and PTZ control inside the Scada (maximum 4 cameras).
The main specs are:
1. no buttoms on the video frame (like "line", "1 hour ago" and "stop" of PelcoMediaControl)
2. changing cameras for maintenance shall not need to reprogramm the UUID of the camera inside Scada script code
In order to save time we want to know what system we use for that: Digital Sentry, Pelco Edge or Pelco Aggregation.

Since you're using DS the SDK you have to use Pelco SDK. You can use Pelco SDK to connect to a DS Pelco API-enabled DS (the DS must have the DS Pelco API services installed), or alternatively you can use Pelco SDK Edge device system if you wanted to manage adding and removing the devices from the Pelco SDK Device cache on your own, via code or other means.

Final option is Pelco API to connect to the camera individually.

Some other notes:

#1: The PelcoMediaControl - and any sample code that we provide - is not code that is intended to use in production or deployed environments but are examples of possibilities OR to demonstrate specific functionality. Feel free to display video alone and place controls on a form elsewhere.

#2: API and SDK are not the proper tools to use for configuring the UUID of attached devices. Pelco API/SDK tools simply obtain existing values from the VMS system as they are set. This is not a question for this forum, but one for technical sales or our support teams. The SDK can be used to gather the parameters from a VMS in order to perform tasks like stream live or playback video, or to perform PTZ.

DS with 100+ cameras does not seem like a good fit for a VMS solution, in all honesty. VideoXpert would be better and then you could use Vx SDK and handle streaming however you wanted. Pelco SDK and Digital Sentry are no longer under active development now, and current work is all on VideoXpert. Communicating directly to cameras it is recommended to use ONVIF if you can, or Pelco API if you must.