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How to do RTSP Server with latest SDK


With the RTSP Server being deprecated (making the RTSP Server example unable to be used for reference), how does one goes about implementing a RTSP Server for Video Streaming for Cameras? Is it even possible to implement a RTSP Server using latest SDK?

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RTSP server was a required service that needed to be installed on many Pelco recorders in order to obtain an RTSP stream from older model Pelco cameras.

Any Sarix-based cameras have an RTSP stream available to them, the formats can be found by searching here on PDN or on the Knowledge Base (rtsp://camera_ip/stream1 for primary stream unicast, or /stream1m for multicast, etc).

Because most of the cameras that have been out in the last many years by Pelco have RTSP streams available, using RTSP Server has become largely obsolete and unnecessary. That being said, however, it is certainly needed for older Pelco cameras that are not Sarix-based like older models such as Spectra IV or Spectra Mini, or older IP cameras like the IP3701.

I should also point out that a Digital Sentry unit running DS Pelco API does provide RTSP functionality to cameras attached to it, also.

Thanks for the clarification.