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How Get AlarmsCount Of Vx Server With C# SDK ?

Hello Guys,

I want to interfaceThe VxPro System with Citect Scada System with AsciiTranslator sevrice.
I can control the system with this service but is "one way" protocol... I cannot have the status of alarms counter,status of the system,... for example with this service...
So, I want to develop specific function in C# with sdk connection for that.
How do that? Sample code ?



Hello there, thank you for your post.

We do have sample code available for using the VX SDK, which is what you would want to explore. You should start here: VideoXpert SDK. There is a GitHub site with sample code in C# that I would recommend that you check out - GitHub PelcoIntegrations Vx SDK Samples.

The code samples do include subscribing to events for notifications to get changes when their state is updated. I would suggest checking out that code.

If, after you review the code, you are still confused and have questions. then please describe in further detail what operation you are hoping to perform. We'll try to help further if you need more help, with more details.