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How to get current Optera camera stitching mode value via Pelco API or Onvif?

It is no simple query for the current stitching mode - Panomersive H.264 (default), Tiled H.264, or Panomersive Uni-stream - using Pelco API. However...

It is possible to check by doing device query for the different Optera devices available. It will show similarly to a multi-channel encoder, with one IP address and several different service ID channels (i.e. "-1", "-2", etc at the end of a control URL). It is possible to dynamically make a query to StreamDiscovery StreamQuery and obtain the RTSP URL(s) for channel 1, 2, 3, 4, etc and see if there is a response result. Using that information, it can be determined which mode the camera is in based on the RTSP URL names that are returned.

For example, a camera in Uni-stream mode will have at least one RTSP URL with "/unistream" in the string. Not necessarily an ideal method, but functional.

It is not possible to change the streaming compatibility mode settings via Pelco API. As of right now there are no plans to change this when using Pelco API.

Using ONVIF, it is possible to find out which media Profiles via GetProfiles are available and use those responses to determine which mode the camera is in. As with Pelco API, there are no plans or current implementation on changing the streaming compatibility mode using ONVIF, either.

Hope this information helps!