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How to Use Linux SDK 3.0 version

Turkey BTK project manager: software version should be 3.3 or 3.1
1. How to load and initial the SO library?
2. Can you provide the alarm list including all alarms?
3. Is IVxEvent for the alarm interface? We can’t find other similar interface.
4. How to get licenseKey for the VxLoginInfo interface? What is the username and password for this interface?

Hello there, thank you for posting.

Your questions are limited, and without any background on what you are working on, I'll do my best to provide some answers and assistance.

1: Please review existing VideoXpert SDK documentation and samples that are linked from the options on the left. These should demonstrate how to use basic VX SDK functionality.

2. To get an alarm list, please install a VideoXpert system and view the list. Alternatively you can reach out to Product Support to see if they can supply this information - I'm limited to questions related to VX SDK functionality only.

3. Events in VideoXpert are broken into two pieces: "Situations" and "Events". Neither are called "Alarms" but I suspect that they function in the way that you are seeking. A Situation is a specific kind of scenario that may occur - like "motion detected". A single Event is an instance of a Situation occurring and being triggered - "motion has been detected for a specific single camera". Every Event in VideoXpert is a triggered Situation with specific data for that single instance happening.

4. To obtain a license string and key for your developed solution, please reach out to contacts in Sales and Support. The username and password for logging into a VideoXpert system will be specific to your installed system that you are attempting to connect to.

Edit: I did want to add that we are no longer distributing or providing help for a Linux version of the VX SDK. This comment was made on the following post here: vxsdk compatiblity centos 6.9 64 bit, however we've also adjusted the text on the VideoXpert SDK page with this info as well.

hello, thank for you reply.
which background do you need? i will collect the information.

A description of what you've tried, what you're trying to do and develop, and what documentation you've already looked at would be a good start.

Please refer to our Forum Guidelines and Forum Code of Conduct. We have documentation included with the VideoXpert SDK, and there are code samples on the GitHub website that is also linked in the Download section for the VideoXpert SDK, too. Please let me know if you have specific questions about VX SDK functionality (i.e. "how do I do .. ?" or "when I try ... something isn't working ... what might I be doing wrong?").

1. I can't find the method how to load SDK. please indicate which section descript this from which document.
2. VideoXpert system should know if the camera disconnect. how can i get this information from which function?
3. If PDN is no longer distributing or providing help for a Linux version of the VX SDK. Can i use Linux version of the VX SDK in current turkey BTK project?

1. The VX SDK dlls are available on the nuget web page here: vx sdk packages. You can download them there then add them to your project manually, or use the Nuget extensions in Visual Studio to obtain them from the site that way.

2. VideoXpert triggers events when cameras are removed or go offline. These events typically come in the form of Device Offline and DataSource Offline. Subscribe to those events using the VX SDK to obtain notifications when those events are triggered in VideoXpert.

3. I would not recommend using the Linux versions of the VX SDK because we won't be able to support you - I won't be able to on the forums and so much of your development will be on your own. If you're OK with that, the choice is up to you. I would recommend reaching out to Technical Sales Engineering teams in Pelco to discuss your project in further details in relation to this issue.

1、We got the linux version of sdk, how to implement the dynamic SO library loading, thank you。

2、Does the VX SDK now also provide technical support for the Linux version?

I'm sorry to say that I can't provide direct support for the Linux-based version of the VX SDK on the forums here. Please reach out to your Technical Sales Engineer to discuss the project in details to determine how to proceed.

If you have questions related to using the VX SDK's non-Linux versions (C++, C#), please let me know.

for item4, do i need to pay for the License?

Please reach out to Sales for this question.