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We have a customer who is specifying that the cctv system normally be recording in low resolution but when something happens it should switch in to high resolution recording.

Is this possible with Pelco systems and if it is, how do you trigger high resolution recording from the SDK ? The most relevant call I can see is ICamera.StartManualRecording. Would that be the call to make ?

Hope you can help.

Hi Andrew -

Please reach out to Pelco Sales and your Business Development Contact regarding the capabilities of recording in low resolution and then high resolution on event. I can answer questions related to using the SDK:

Using Pelco SDK, it is possible to start a manual recording on Endura or DS, sure. The most common use of this is if the camera is not recording already... this would be event based recording as opposed to low / high resolution recording. To do something similar in VX you need to use the VxSDK and create a recording schedule on the fly, then delete / remove it when you want it to be done recording.

It is also possible to change the camera's settings, though usually actually modifying the camera's stream on demand is a bad idea when you want it to be recording already, so the best setup typically is to have one stream set to high and the other to low (like you said).

Implementation of this is up to the development partner, and probably a bit of experimentation would be required.