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IME319 CAMERA time sync is not working

IME319 Camera time sync is not working

I got installed a IME319 camera, firmware version:
I am trying to time sync this camera to a NTP time server. This time server is working well (other camera and other devices sync with this server, no problem).
We have tried many options, no luck.
We captured the system.log after we configured NTP time sync in this camera. This is what we get:

Jan 1 00:02:11 (none) ntpd[1518]: ntpd 4.2.4p7@1.1607 Wed Jul 31 17:36:21 UTC 2013 (1)
Jan 1 00:02:11 (none) ntpd[1518]: signal_no_reset: signal 13 had flags 4000000
Jan 1 00:02:11 (none) ntpd[1518]: precision = 8.000 usec
Jan 1 00:02:11 (none) ntpd[1518]: Listening on interface #0 wildcard, Disabled
Jan 1 00:02:11 (none) ntpd[1518]: Listening on interface #1 eth0, Enabled
Jan 1 00:02:11 (none) ntpd[1518]: Listening on interface #2 lo, Enabled
Jan 1 00:02:11 (none) ntpd[1518]: kernel time sync status 0040
Jan 1 00:02:31 (none) ntpd[1518]: no reply; clock not set
Jan 1 00:02:31 (none) ntp-angel: Time synchronization failed, trying again...

Could anybody tell us what is happening here? Please advise.
Thank you!

Hello there, I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with the NTP time sync.

I am not the best person to answer questions related to Pelco hardware like cameras, sadly. Your question is better addressed by members of our Product Support team. I would suggest that if you aren't using the most current firmware version for the camera, you may want to consider updating it (just in case).

If that doesn't fix the problem, or that doesn't apply to your camera, please reach out to Pelco Product support. You can find the relevant information to contact them on at this page: (>About Us tab>Contact Us>Technical Support link).

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