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IMP121-1RS & IBP324-1R on SD card record retrieving

IMP121-1RS & IBP324-1R

We have a customer who is developing an application like milestone which will be reading and assigning cameras a particular location where the recordings has to be saved.

-Cameras involved :IMP121-1RS & IBP324-1R
-Cameras are enabled with SD card
-Cameras will record data when they are offline
-Once the cameras are online back to system it shall send all the recorded data back to drive location.
-Query is how to differentiate between live recorded data and data which has transferred from SD card.

Hello there, thank you for your post!

The functionality that you've outlined in your post is available using ONVIF Profile G. VideoXpert does have some manual implementation of this, where if a camera goes offline, and a user then later checks for recorded video and sees a gap, they can try to check for local camera storage for that video recorded gap. It is important to note that our teams have actively been working on this feature in the recent history, so be sure that any camera firmware being used is properly updated.

These forums aren't really a good place for help on this process, since we can really only offer help when using our API or developed SDK tools. When it comes to ONVIF, as an open standard, your best bet is to search online, specifically starting with Additionally, you could reach out to our Sales, Marketing, and Support teams for more information on how local storage works in conjunction with VideoXpert, to see how that process works in better detail.