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Integration of object counting software with IMSOC10 model cameras

Hi , I have 200 cameras installed in my location which are of IMS0C10 model by Pelco . These cameras don't have in built analytics like object counting. I have a software which serves the purpose of object counting. I want to integrate this software with the pelco cameras . Please let me know how feasible it is and if it is what is the best way to do so?


Hello there, thank you for your post.

Integrating existing software into the camera doesn't really have a process that I'm aware of, to be honest. That question is really out of my scope of knowledge and sphere of information -- our questions are typically about using the VideoXpert SDK. You could, in theory, decide to add events to VideoXpert based on an external trigger (using situations and events), and use that to create some sort of counting solution for VideoXpert. Outside of that, I really couldn't tell you.

I would suggest reaching out to Sales to discuss your thoughts on the project to see if it would be worthwhile to pursue.


Thanks for the reply.

My objective here is to count the objects. I don't necessarily have to integrate my software into camera, but is there a way around to use my software, to count objects, from the live camera feed of IMSC0C10 cameras,using any of your api/sdk ?

If so can you suggest which api/sdk would be appropriate for this use case. Would be really helpful if you can share some links which I can go through.

Thank you.

The VideoXpert SDK is the only one that you should be using with current and future versions of VideoXpert. If your goal is to notify users of VideoXpert of an object count event, you could subscribe to the camera's eventing service or analytics (perhaps trigger on motion), and then add a VX event in VideoXpert when you camera notifies the subscribing software that a camera event has triggered.

If you're wondering about some sort of solution that is VMS-independent, then you could write some sort of solution using ONVIF. A camera-focused integration is slightly outside of the scope of what I can answer for you here on the forums (I don't have much experience working with ONVIF myself); our forums are more designed for answering questions related to the SDK that we put out for partners to use with our VMS: VideoXpert, in this case.