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Integration of third party VMS with Pelco Encoder (NET5516)

Requirement of Encoder SDK for Integration. Focus and Iris control not available in third party VMS for Linux OS.

Against a project requirement, we are using the following Pelco make items:

1. Analog Fixed Camera: C20-DN-7X
2. Motorised Zoom Lens: 13ZD6X10
3. Receiver Driver Unit: ERD97P21-U
4. Video Encoder: NET5516
5. Analog Dome camera

and, Videonetics make VMS for the Viewing, monitoring, controlling and recording purpose through Linux based workstation/ server.

In the above configuration, we are not able to control the focus and Iris of the Analog camera through the Videonetics make Video Management Software (VMS). It is to be noted that the Pan, tilt & zoom motion can be controlled to through the VMS. Also, when these cameras, connected to the RDU and Encoder, are controlled through the TCP/IP , Pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris control features can be performed.

For the purpose of integration of above missing feature (focus & iris control), we require Software Development Kit (SDK) of this Encoder (NET5516).

How to download the SDK for the Encoder Integration?

Please share the link for downloading the SDK for Encoder (Pelco, NET5516).

Hello there!

Our normal recommendation is that you use ONVIF for support of our cameras and devices that support it. As an alternative, you could also use Pelco API. We do not offer an SDK that is under active development that I would recommend for communication with edge devices.

Here are some links on the PDN website to help provide you with information - please review the links and explore the site:

NET5500 Series Encoders
ONVIF Website
Comparison of Pelco API and ONVIF API

You can download a free piece of software called ONVIF Device manager and try that out with the NET5500 encoder to test functionality and use Wireshark to capture and examine the ONVIF requests and responses. That would be my suggestion.

Pelco API is quite old and is leftover from our previous VMS (Endura). For best compatibility, I would suggest using ONVIF.

Finally - and I DO NOT RECOMMEND this route because this project is no longer under active development - we do have the Pelco SDK. This SDK is a wrapper for Peco API and was originally designed for use with the Endura VMS. You could try using the Pelco SDK (which is a wrapper for Pelco API requests anyway) with edge devices. I do not recommend this route because both Pelco API and Pelco SDK are not active software development projects, with very little or no support today. I would strongly encourage and recommend using ONVIF.