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Issue when trying to connect to a IDVR System (DigitalSENTRY) using the SDK

Can you provide more information about the issue by adding a comment? Thanks.

After installing the API service for 7.6 we are still having problems connecting to DSSRV.

Can you help us with the system scheme? We have tried with all DS ports and the Endura one: 25. 123. 1111. 1433. 1434. 18772, 18777 and 60001 but are we always getting an "Invalid Credentials" error while creating the system object.

We can connect to an SM5200 without problems.

Hi dbartolini,

I had the same problem. Solved installing DS Webservice.

Hope it helps.

Hi dbartolini,

When the PelcoAPI service on the DSSRV is running properly, you should be able to retrieve the Device Description Files (DDF) from the following ports.

DDF URL Format: http://<ipAddress>:<port>/<fileName>.xml

System Manager: http://IpAddress:60001/SystemManagerDevice.xml
Recorder: http://IpAddress:60002/device.xml
Analog Cameras: http://IpAddress:<60003 and up>/device.xml
IP Cameras: http://IpAddress:<60010 and down>/device.xml

The default login credentials are admin/admin.


Integration Support

DS versions 7.5 and later support the Pelco API and are ONVIF Profile S conformant. DS systems shipped with version 7.7 or later already have the Pelco API service installed. Users upgrading to DS 7.5 or later must download and install the service separately; you can get the Pelco API service for DS from the Pelco Download Center<>. It is recommended that, whenever upgrading your DS version, you also update to the corresponding DigitalSENTRY Pelco API service version. For example, if installing DS 7.7 software, you would also want to install version 7.7 of the DS Pelco API service separately.

In all cases, whether your DS system already had the DS Pelco API service installed or you installed the service separately, the service is off by default and must be enabled before you can integrate with DS systems through the Pelco API. Run "services.msc" and enable the DigitalSENTRY PelcoAPI Service to use the Pelco API for your DS system.

The scheme should include the 60001 port since this is the 'known' port when interacting with Pelco systems.

I am still having issues with this. Are there any special configuration changes that need to be made for this to work with a dual NIC system?

Network port 1 where the client network is connected is on a different subnet than network port 2 where the IP camera network is connected.