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Is it possible to determine what type of analytic behavior triggered an event?

You can receive analytic events from a Sarix device by subscribing to the device's VideoAnalytics web service using the Event Arbiter or Event Manager. The target namespace for the VideoAnalytics web service is: urn:schemas-pelco-com:service:VideoAnalytics:2

I agree with whomever downvoted this post - this post is over 3 years old now and the Event Arbiter and Event Manager SDK tools are no longer supported.

To obtain events from a camera directly, we recommend using ONVIF implementation - as we do for all direct to camera integrations done going forward.

Alternatively, you could use a GENA implementation to subscribe to the VideoAnalytics service directly, which is precisely what the Event Arbiter and Event Manager SDK tools did (they were wrappers for that functionality back in the day).

Analytcs log file

To do the integration of the analytic of the camera with another system I need to find inside the camera the file that is saved the information of the event to be processed and sent to another application.
Is this information stored on the camera?
In which file on the IXE10DN camera can I get this information?

This information is not stored on the camera in any way or form.

The event is generated at the time of trigger, and sent to any subscribed connections. Beyond that, events that have been triggered are not saved on the camera side - but the VMS that the camera is connected to might save that information. For Endura, there is not an API that can be used that I'm aware of to obtain logged events, since that's saved at the head end.

For VideoXpert, there are ways to obtain logged event data. In fact that is a MAJOR difference between Endura and VideoXpert. VX aimed to correct the behavior that Endura lacked.