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Is it possible to send analytic events to another web service page?

What I mean is, there is a page about receiving analytic events here:
It gives examples of the XML it will return. Is it possible to have this XML be sent to another web service that we would create, like a java or python page running on Apache? To do this we would need a way to subscribe to the service, which I believe is only possible with the C++/C# libraries, but if it just sends back XML for the events once subscribed, I can't see why we couldn't handle this with another page like I have described.
I don't see anything in the code examples that indicates this would be possible though. Ideally, we should be able to subscribe to the events with a C++/C# program we write, and then close the program, and have the events continue to be sent to our web service url.

Pelco uses GENA as its event architecture which would allow you to SUBSCRIBE, RENEW, and UNSUBSCRIBE using whichever language you would like. I'd encourage you to Wireshark the Event Arbiter sample so you can see first hand the XML messages being sent and received.

This might be possible using the Pelco API by setting the CALLBACK value in the SUBSCRIBE request (see the GENA page), but the subscription will expire if the listening web service cannot renew the subscription within the TIMEOUT timeframe.