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Live streaming to HTML5 web applications


For an application we're planning to integrate with Pelco cameras we're wondering if anyone has any experience getting live video stream feeds in a web page.

We are aiming to use already available off-the-shelf HTML5 capabilities in modern browsers to take care of the reproduction of the stream and not using any third party plug-in to manage the stream ( quicktime, vlc, ... ). Does anyone has experience with that? Is something that can be done with Pelco cameras.

Seems that video feeds from the Pelco cameras are provided using RTSP and which is a mixture of UDP for video stream and TCP for control commands. We are not aware of any browser supporting RTSP as protocol for HTML5 elements. Is there any configuration we can make on the cameras to expose their video feed using any other mechanism ( direct HTTP stream for instance )?

We are also aware that some devices support RTP video tunneling over HTTP by instructing the camera to do so using ONVIF ( ) but, Will that make the stream compatible with tags in modern browsers?

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If you configure the Primary or Secondary Stream as JPEG will that get around the plug-in issue? In my browser it does not trigger the "QuickTime Player required" message. Another option is to poll for JPEGs using /jpeg.

unfortunately, there's no cross browser support for live streaming yet.

You'll want to either pull jpeg's as Andrew suggests or use an in between flash server (Wowza, nginx rtmp module, etc) that supports HTTP live streaming - most mobile devices support HLS and flash is still the status quo for live streaming on the desktop.