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Local VideoXpert Professional PTZ camera issues

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Local VideoXpert Professional PTZ camera issues

If you aren't using the newest version of the VX SDK and Code samples, please be sure that you update to the latest versions VX Pro is not compatible with pre-VX SDK 2.0 versions. There was enough differences between VX Enterprise and VX Pro that we had to modify some aspects of VX SDK for it work properly with VX Pro.

I double checked this and the SDK version is 2.0.14 and the sample apps are the updated samples for SDK 2.0.

The Vx Pro was installed on a virtual machine so today I installed it on a physical Windows 7 PC but I have found the same issues

I would be curious if you can stream from the cameras you added to VX Pr o in the Admin Portal website (IP_ofVXPro:9091), or when using Ops Center.

On both the Physical and Virtual machines there has been sporadic live footage from the D5118 camera in the sample apps, the web portal and Ops Center. More often there is a "Cannot connect to video source" message or a buffering symbol. The AXIS M5014 does not appear in the web portal or OpsCenter but does appear in the Vx Toolbox cameras list.

The cameras and servers are all on the same private network.


Thank you very much for posting in the VMS forum to continue with this topic.

I appreciate the information about the VX SDK and Sample code. On that side of things it looks good and ought to be working OK ...

The fact that you are seeing intermittent issues with web portal and Ops Center indicates to me a problem with the VX Pro itself. My first questions would be related to hardware. According to the specifications for VX Pro (found on here: VideoXpert Professional), the Specifications are:

VX Specifications:
VX Pro Hardware Spec

How does your hardware that you're using compare to the specification?

Additionally you mentioned that the hardware and servers are all on the same network, double check the network requirements as well to be sure it's within those guidelines also. Because you're having some trouble with the web portal and Ops Center, we should focus on that part of the setup first.

I would encourage you to reach out to Pelco Product Support via, or via email ( or phone (1-800-289-9100) for help setting up the VideoXpert systems or requirements. Once that is working well, then we can work on troubleshooting anything on the VIdeoXpert SDK and samples side.