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Log in to NET5301T encoder boxes.

Hi there. Just installed latest VideoExpert Pro v2.0 (an upgrade from, when going into VX Toolbox and searcing for cameras and commision camera, it goes fine. But when clickong on NET5301T encoders, it promps for at username and password.
Nothing is accepted.
In the old version ( it was admin/admin .

Any idea what credentials to use. The root password does not work either,

Greetings from Denmark.

Hello there, thank you for your post!

That's a strange issue that you're encountering... I would have thought that the credentials would be admin/admin as well (by default). Do those same credentials work to log into the device's web GUI?

It sounds like it may be an issue with Toolbox or with Pro and the NET5301T encoder, if the same credentials that you use for the web GUI and previously no longer work. I would strongly encourage you to reach out to Pelco Product Support to discuss the issue with that team. They may have more information than I do - since this is a setup and hardware issue and not specific to using VX SDK tools. You can find the support contact information, phone numbers and email addresses, at the link here:

Just made a clean test installation of VideoExpert Pro v2.0. Same story. FYI NET5301T does not have a web interface. It is acessed by secure telnet (putty) (root, pel28.....) and every time some things has to be edited we use our old Endura WS 5000 environment to correct the encoder. Previous post said there will be a workaround for editing Spectra IV and NET5301T encoder in the future. This is going in the wrong direction.....
Thinks work fine by authentication in version 1,1, so I think there is a device driver problems.

I really have been waiting for this serverside motion detection, that is new in version 2.0....

Greetings from Denmark.

Right! I had forgotten that the NET5301T product did not have a web interface, it's been far too long since I worked with those older encoders. Sorry about that.

Did you reach out and contact our support teams to ask them for the credentials, or for further help? These forums aren't monitored by our Product Support teams, only me for SDK help. Those teams are the professionals and know a lot more about product specifications, operations, and any reported issues than I would.

Thanks for the follow up!