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Login Failed

Our application has been running for almost 3 months now, but today we got this error:

2019-07-04_15:49:23 [SerSystem.cpp:23] Attempting to login to
2019-07-04_15:49:55 [HttpClient.cpp:182] HTTP exception making request WinHttpReceiveResponse: 12002: The operation timed out

2019-07-04_15:49:55 [SerSystem.cpp:1163] Unable to connect to the VideoXpert system, check the IP

*The ip address did not change.

Hello, thank you for your post

That is interesting. I'm sure that something in the system or environment has changed to cause this issue. I would be curious on if VideoXpert Ops Center client software can connect to the system or not from the same PC that the VX SDK is running where this error message is being seen.

My guess would be that something has changed. Perhaps the system is a multi-Core VideoXpert system, and something has changed there. Perhaps it is using a Virtual IP for the VX system and something there has changed.

Alternatively, perhaps something has changed on the network access side. Perhaps a switch was replaced, or has been disconnected. Perhaps a firewall was enabled that wasn't on before. Maybe antivirus software is preventing the connection when it wasn't a problem before.

Trying to use VideoXpert Ops Center might help to determine if the problem is specific to using the SDK, or not. If VX Ops Center also cannot connect, then I would suggest additional network connection troubleshooting. If you need additional assistance with this and your VX system, please reach out to Pelco Product Support.

If VX Ops Center does successfully connect, please let me know I would ask then if you can try running the code that is using VX SDK using VxLogLevel 'TRACE', and attach or post the logs here.