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Making Custom Live Stream

Please excuse the ignorance. I am looking for a software that will install in Linux that is like the DX Series client for Windows. We need to have active feeds to 3 seperate monitors with the same feeds. I was hoping to do that on a raspberry pi. I don't need any controls, just the live feeds and the ability to change the layout. Do I just need to develop my own application to run on Linux or is there something out there that would work now? We have a Hybrid DX4800 HD.

Hello there, thank you for your post.

I would recommend that you reach out to Pelco's Sales and Support teams to discuss the specifics of your expected set up to see if there is a solution we can offer for your needs. If you have a VideoXpert system on your network, the VX SDK does have a Linux version that you could use... however you'd need a client application (built using the VX SDK linux version) to then connect to another VideoXpert system on the same network. That is the most information that I can really provide to you ... since our forums are for SDK usage and support mainly.