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Method to Obtain Optera Video Streams

Hi I have a customer would like to integrate Optera into custom mapping application.

My customer has Optera cameras and VideoXpert Enteprise 2.0.1, what would be the recommended process to get the Optera video streams into custom mapping application?

Thank you.

Hello there, thank you for your question.

If you are interested in pulling Optera streams into a custom 3rd party application, there are 2 different routes that you can take. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.

Option 1 is the simple route. The advantage here is that it would be easier to develop the solution. The disadvantage here is that you will not get a fully immersive and panoramic stream in a single video cell. This route is to set the Optera cameras into 'Tiled' mode, and simply pulling the RTSP stream for the different available streams on the Optera camera. Doing this will mean you have small slices of the overall scene from the Optera camera, with no stitching to make them a single panoramic.

Option 2 is to utilize the Panomersive Toolkit (under Optera tools here on PDN), or a renderer / dewarper solution of your choice. If you have the Optera camera set to Panomersive or Unistream (for higher resolution) mode - you get a single stitched stream of video that must be dewarped. If you dewarp it, then you can have a single panoramic view that can then PTZ around the entirety of the scene. This solution can be seen in Ops Center, since VideoXpert has the dewarping solution included.

Please review information found on this page of Optera Multi-Sensor Camera. Near the bottom of that web page, you can see the differences of what Original / Uni-stream may display as, or what Tiled mode would appear as.

I hope this information helps!

Thank you Chris for your help, I will relay the information to our customer for their reference and will get them to directly post to this forum for further assistance on Optera integration.

Sounds good.