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Need Information for integrating KBD300A Joystick keyboard controller



Thank you for your post. You may have determined already, the forums for PDN here are for VX SDK support, or for information about some of our older integrations tools. Based only on the topic name, I wouldn't have much to offer you other than to direct you to inquire with support and visit

Integration of KBD300A with thirdparty software

Dear pelco team,

I have checked all the process tehn I was contacted to PDN.
1. KBD300A seen and done all teh settings but unable to connect KBD to I2V
2. Then contact to local Support engineer but he suggested for PDN
3. Contacted to support team as well but they are sending Manual.

I need solution on KBD300a Integration with third party VMS Software.
I want to know about Keyboard protocol with any third party VMS.
Type of data or How to integrate the KBD with third party VMS.

Nikhil Suratwala
85111 31697

Hello there, thank you for your post.

I am very sorry to say that I don't have any information related to KBD 3rd party development for partners of Pelco that want to work with that piece of hardware. I would happily send you anything that I have. Our site is dedicated to support for VideoXpert development efforts and specifically (usually) the use of the VX SDK.

Our Support departments are the correct teams for your request, and I am sorry to redirect you back to them. Those teams may need to reach out to the product engineering team for the KBD to gather information via that route. Those teams can reach out to me via their escalation methods for their department if need be and I'm happy to speak with them.