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NET5500 Integration with Omnipresence 3D

Hi PDN, I have a customer currently using NET5404T (4 channels video encoders) for integration to their software "Omnipresence 3D", and the integration currently is done via the following method:

We are using a software, “Omnipresence 3D”, as secondary streaming platform for cameras connected to these Pelco encoders.
This software detects and streams video via IP/Mac addresses.
As for NET5404, each video channel has an independent IP address, thus from this software we can stream all the 4 video channels.

We loaned the customer the replacement model NET5504, and also provided the following video stream URL:

1) RTSP Video Stream:
a. rtsp://
b. rtsp://
c. rtsp://
d. rtsp://
e. rtsp://
f. rtsp://
g. rtsp://
h. rtsp://
i. rtsp://
j. rtsp://
k. rtsp://
l. rtsp://
m. rtsp://
n. rtsp://
o. rtsp://
p. rtsp://
2) MJPEG Pull:

However customer wasn't able to integrate using the video stream URL in the above example, their test result shows that on the NET5504, we can only configure one IP address, and then configure in the Device Utilities based on the video channel. Due to this, the 3D software shows only streaming of Channel-1 on all 4 cameras.

However unfortunately, the 3D Omnipresence software that we are using do not support streaming via the methods that were suggested.
Any other alternative hardware that we can use to have 4 channels video in a single encoder, and able to stream via different IP?

Thank you.

Hello there -

I'm sorry to hear that you are having some problems here. One thing that I must make clear is that these forums are for support for developers using Pelco tools like VX SDK or Pelco SDK. I will certainly help in any way that I can - however I have to say that this isn't a good place to ask your question about alternative hardware. That is a question better directed to Pelco Sales or Pelco Product Support.

Your list of RTSP URLs is correct for the NET55xx encoders based on information on Knowledge Base here: It is different than the NET5404 encoders, as you also mentioned - where the older encoders did a different IP per channel, the NET55xx uses 1 IP address and different channel and stream strings for each one.

From what you are describing, it sounds like the driver in the 3D Omnipresence software that isn't correctly recognizing the different channels of the NET5504 because it is using a single IP address with 4 different channels. The service ID for each channel would be -1, -2, -3, -4 on the Pelco API services (if that is what is being used). This is different than the NET5404 that had a different IP per channel and so each channel used a service ID of -1 for each channel. The encoder should have 4 channels, 4 inputs. If the same video is being seen for each of the 4, then my best guess is that the driver pulling the video is pulling video from same IP address using service ID of 1 for each of the 4 channels -- the behavior you describe sounds typical of a driver that is doing that.

Sadly, this is because of the differences in implementation on the API and channel structure between the NET54xx and NET55xx products.