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Network save problem


Some days ago the application failed to save the camera's videos (it was worked for several years).
is there any idea to resolve it?
Should I send screenshoot?

Thank you very much.

Hello, thank you for your post. Sorry that you are having problems.

In order to provide any further assistance, you'll need to give us more details. Please review our Forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines posts.

Some specific questions:
What application are you using?
- Unfortunately, saying it failed to save doesn't give us much to work with.
What SDK is in use?
- Is this using the VX SDK, or the older Pelco SDK... or something entirely else
What troubleshooting steps have you attempted?
- Provide steps, results, Wireshark details if applicable, and logs. We may ask for more.
What is your system design and setup?

If you can provide all of these details, we can proceed to help you out further.