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Integration of new camera in Digifort

This is Winicius, head of integrations in Digifort VMS team.

Recently we received from Hugo campos, Pelco Technical Sales Engineer in Brazil, the model IMP831-1ERS which is the first camera that we got with H265 and 3 streams.

We are wondering how to integrate this camera into our software as we noticed that the standard of Pelco WEB Service may not be able to work with the 3rd stream. Do you recommend integrating this camera using ONVIG Protocol? Or is there some update on Pelco WSDL do adapt this new structure of video streams?

With kind regards,

Hello there, thank you for your post!

We do recommend using ONVIF for all current and ongoing camera development efforts with Pelco cameras. I know that in years past, our team was the contact point for development with our cameras to partners.

Now, our teams typically answer questions related more to using SDK tools (connecting to and obtaining information from VideoXpert), and Pelco camera integration development is handled directly with the specific camera engineering teams and their Product Management owners. ONVIF is the typical recommendation. For additional or direct support of device-specific questions, I suggest reaching out to Pelco's Support teams so that they can get you more specific contacts within Product Management.