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OCC Plugin with rectangle overlay

Hello, I am trying to make a plugin that receives events from a video analytics system and i want to be able to mark the object with a rectangle, i tried with an overlay plugin but i coudn't find any way to make the background transparent, it stays always white no matter of what WPF attribute i change.

Anyone knows how to achieve this?
or is a better solution to make an Applet plugin that gets the videoStream and over that try to pain the rectangle on top? in this case do you know how can i get the video stream in a plugin?

Thanks in advance.

Hello there, thank you for your question. I wanted to let you know that I did see it, but it may take me a few days (or a week) to get an answer for you. I haven't personally worked with the Plugin kit or development myself, so I've sent your question to others who have. It may take a few days to receive a reply and one of them is out of the office until next week.

Perhaps someone will be able to assist you on the forums here, however if not, I'll try to follow up when I receive any additional information.

Hello. Can you give me a little more information about what PDK API calls you are making? There are two versions of the overlays and the older version is no longer supported.

Hello, i started modifying the example on the VX OpCenter plug-in area of this web the file called "OCC_Version_1.0_0-08-15" the project "OverlayExe", is this using the correct version? or is it using the older as you suggested?
I wasn't aware there were two versions of overlays plug-ins.

Thanks in advance

Thank you for helping me understand the context of what you are currently looking at. So officially there is only one version of the overlay functionality regrettably it is poorly named and doesn't really give you video overlay functionality. It allows you to add UI controls on-top or to the side of your video. We have not officially released the ability to overlay shapes, text, or images on-top of the video stream.

If you could help me better understand what you are attempting to do we can see if it makes sense for us to expedite releasing support for video overlays.

Our problem is that we have a video analytics system, and we want to integrate it with VxOpsCenter, so when something is detected we can draw a box around the object, as our video analysis software returns the coordinates of the corners of the box around the object.
That's why we started with the overlay functionality, as we though it will allow us to put this boxes on top of the video, but as you said it is not possible right now.

The other option we thought of is creating an Applet Plugin where we play the Video Stream and then over that try to draw the box. is that a better solution to this problem?

Comment removed because we do not support drawing shapes on top of video at this time through the PDK.

Comment removed.

Thanks for your help, i started testing the overlay plugin option, taking a look into the FacialDetection example, which i wasn't able to execute. But i took a look into how the canvas was created in order to paint the rectangles, the only thing is that when inserting that code into my plugin i can't make it work properly, all i can see is the same as before, a white rectangle as a backgroud and the rectangle on top.

For this tests i compiled and use the new PelcoMedia libraries as you suggested, maybe i am using them incorrectly, any guidance on how to start using them?

Hello Luis,

Because this functionality is not official we cannot support you at this time. You are free to use the code and examples but you should be aware that it may not work long term. I would suggest at this time that you create your own plugin to pull the video and draw the overlays. I apologize for any confusion.