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Partner Lab DECOMMISSION in September 2017

Please refer to the Partner Lab NOTICE that we have posted on the Partner Integration Lab page.

Due to impending building move for Pelco, we plan to shut down the partner integration lab at start of September 2017. Originally our plan 1 year ago was to remove DX, Digital Sentry, and Endura VMS "in the coming months". We didn't get around to removing these but are now being forced to address the lab due to the building move.

After the lab has been shut down, our best suggestion is to install a free trial of VideoXpert Professional to available hardware for local testing. We are still currently evaluating potential solutions to provide camera solutions in some form.

Local VideoXpert Professional PTZ camera issues

Apologies if this is not the correct place to post this but I am hoping for some help with some Vx Pro setup issues.

As suggested I have setup a free trial of VideoXpert Professional and I have been able to use this for development and testing purposes but I have had issues with PTZ cameras.

We have a Pelco D5118-ACTTQA3 camera(running firmware version that has been added to the Vx Pro using Vx Toolbox and appears in the Cameras and Recording tab. The device appears in the CSharpSample application but the mediaControl.Play call almost always returns false.

We also have an AXIS M5014 PTZ camera which has been added in Vx Toolbox(using its ONVIF credentials) and shows up in the Cameras tab but not in the Recording tab, it also does not appear in the CSharpSample application.

We also have a Bosch Flexidome camera that has been added in Vx Toolbox and appears in the Cameras and Recording tab, shows up in CSharpSample but is always listed as offline.

Footage from all 3 of these cameras can be viewed via a web browser and all 3 can connect successfully to other video servers.

As for the other cameras on the Server, we have 4 static cameras connected to a Bosch VideoJet encoder all of which are providing footage as expected.


Hello there!

A better place for this may be the VMS Forum, if you have more questions let's head over there for further troubleshooting. It doesn't look like the existing forum tools let me move your reply to the topic, only the topic itself, so I'll reply here and if we need to chat more I ask that we start a topic in the VMS forum then.

If you aren't using the newest version of the VX SDK and Code samples, please be sure that you update to the latest versions VX Pro is not compatible with pre-VX SDK 2.0 versions. There was enough differences between VX Enterprise and VX Pro that we had to modify some aspects of VX SDK for it work properly with VX Pro.

I would be curious if you can stream from the cameras you added to VX Pr o in the Admin Portal website (IP_ofVXPro:9091), or when using Ops Center. That should always be the first step in troubleshooting is to make sure that all functionality within VideoXpert itself is working correctly - live video, recorded video, etc.

If you verify that each of these cameras is streaming properly in Admin Portal and when using Ops Center, and if you are using the latest VX SDK and code samples, please let me know and post in the VMS Forum and we'll proceed with troubleshooting from there.

The Pelco D5118 camera not streaming properly in the sample might be an issue with incorrect version or sample of VX SDK. The other 3rd party cameras we'll want to double check that they are streaming properly within VX Pro first.