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PDN Registration Issues

Issue registering to PDN

Hi admin,

I am posting on behalf of my partner in Thailand whom is having problem registering an account in PDN.
He wanted to access to API/SDK but could not create an account.

Please assist.
Thank you.
Brandon (APAC)

Hello there nakata2378 - Brandon, thank you for your post.

Sorry to hear that your partner is having some trouble registering on the site. I did take some time to create a new account and verify that I could, and it does appear to be functioning properly for me when I created an account.

I would suggest the following:
(1) Be sure that every required field is filled out. There are a few that are not easily noticeable: 'Solution Name' (after the 'Your Solution' check boxes), 'Project Name' (after the 'Functionality and Features' text box), and of course the 'Accept Terms & Conditions of Use' check box near the very bottom (after the 'Terms and Conditions of Use' text box). If your partner tries to submit the account creation page without filling out the required fields, the text boxes should be outlined in red, like this:

required field.PNG
required field.PNG

A full list of the required fields are: username, email address, password, confirm password, first name, last name, company, function/role, country, phone, solution name, project name, and the accept terms & conditions checkbox.

alternatively... if that doesn't help...

(2) I would also suggest trying another web browser (if my other suggestion doesn't help). In my experience, the site does display slightly differently for users of different browsers, and the login section might also look different. This might cause some fields or items on the web form to not display properly; so trying another web browser might correct the issue. I typically use Google Chrome (currently v. 72.0.3626.121) and it works and displays OK for me, and I did also test creating a new login account using Internet Explorer (currently v. 11.648.17134.0) successfully.

Issue registering to PDN

Hi PelcoChris,

I tried helping my partner in Thailand to create but it doesn't seems to process through .
After entering all fields & click "Create new account", there is no successful or failed notification , not knowing if it works.
It just return back to the top & none of the field is outlined in red.

Attempted on both Google Chrome (v73.0.3683.103) & IE (v11.590.17134.0).

I have attached my partner's detail and would you be able to assist in creating the account to test?
Thank you.


Please ask your partner to attempt signing in using the information that you attached. I don't want to post them here so that they can remain hidden.

I was able to manually add the user (something that we've never done before, to be honest), and I think I may have found the problem you were encountering; it may have had to do with the selections for "Pelco product to be integrated". One of the items on the list the form did not seem to like... so if I unchecked all options other than VideoXpert, it seemed to be successful.